07/02/19: Independence Day Sale, our biggest yet!
07/02/19: Independence Day Sale, our biggest yet!
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Q: What is your release schedule? What products can I expect to see in the future?

A: As of yet there is no formal release structure, but there are several more patches, as well as stickers, in the works. They will be released as they come in from production.

Q: How much is shipping?

A: Orders within the United States ship for a bit less than 3$ for a bubble mailer shipped First Class Mail with tracking. All U.S. orders over 25$ ship for free. International orders can only be shipped via First Class International, because our local postmaster kept returning international letter mail even though we'd ensured all letter mail met the size and weight restrictions. However, all international orders over 50$ ship for free, so we recommend group orders with friends to save on shipping costs.

Q: Why is shipping to ___________ so expensive? 

A: If you live in ___________ and you want to help your fellow countrymen save on shipping, I'm 100% open to help you set up a national rep for distribution. Send an email to dullahanpatchco@gmail.com if you're interested.

Q: Do you ship to my country?

A: As long as you don't live in North Korea, yes.

Q: What is your mascot? Where are her wrists and ankles?

A: That would be April, a dullahan. The most appropriate explanation for fantasy physiology would be "I don't know, magic probably."